A Fair Sign
acrylic on pine, 14x10"
In collaboration with Sam Kronick

Desert Alchemy,
3 channel video projection, 2012

surveyors wheel, walking field recording with Slab City Pirate Radio, motion sensitive arduino 2012

Tool Kit For A Slab
installation of slab-casting tools used in Desert Alchemy, 2012

"Slab City has been home to thousands of informal tenants who use the concrete slab foundations that give the area its name as the groundwork for various permanent and temporary structures that comprise the community [...] Even though it may appear to be a defunct space for education, for Kronick and Spriggs Slab City is a laboratory imparting lessons on informal infrastructure and community designated city planning.

If the other pieces are visual and perhaps social records, "Slice," functions as an audio-record of Slab City. The interactive piece, a modified surveyors-measuring-wheel, plays back audio recorded from the Slab City Free Radio, which broadcasts informally, at a speed proportional to the speed of the wheel. As you put on the earphones attached to the surveyors wheel and begin walking, you begin to hear the faint traces of radio, voices and crackles that become clearer as you modify your speed to match the speed that Kronick or Spriggs walked as they recorded it. Our ears, not our eyes set the boundaries of the map, the playback sounds becoming cleaner at the center of the city and becomes staticky at the outer border of Slab City. The alternative "cloud" that hangs in the air over the settlement is grafted to the act of walking, and listening. The ostensive objectivity of the map, is reveals its true subjective form."

– Amy Sanchez,'Lessons from the Slab: Slab Sand Cloud Grid, New Works by Sam Kronick and Hermione Spriggs' for Kcet Artbound 2012