Those That From A Distance Resemble Flies
digital projection (HD + digitized 16mm film), multi-channel surround sound, archival material, live narrative, squashed fly cakes, earthquake

A performance lecture presented to the Lorquin Entomological Society + local public at the Bioquip insect supply warehouse, Los Angeles. Invoking the life and times of Rene Malaise: amateur geologist, Atlantis enthusiast and inventor of the ubiquitously used 'malaise trap' for flying insects, the form of which is modeled on a human tent.

* Shortly after 9pm, as predicted in the pre-published errata sheet, a live 5.1 magnitude earthquake struck the Bioquip warehouse, causing ripples in the screen which, at that moment, showed footage of Rene Malaise discussing his changed attitude towards seismic events.
(link to news report of earthquake

Screenshots from the earthquake moment during our lecture (audience members' speech in yellow):