Fly Caught In The Eye Of A Filmmaker Making A Documentary About An Insect Trap
midge, 24 karat gold (electron microscopy gold sputter process), 2x2 mm

Malaise is a feeling of sickness or unease. It is also the name of a fly trap, modeled on the form of a human tent, and the name of the man who invented it. ‘A Fly Caught In The Eye…’ is one product of a long, multi-site journey dedicated to the intimate unravelling of Malaise, and it’s architectural/operative inversion from human tent into insect trap. It is also a topographical map which plots the event-structure of the trap upon a lecture upon a film upon the context in which the film is performed.

As both the form and content of ‘our’ work, the fly’s perspective sublimates our own – so that the art in all this, if it is anywhere, exists as the sparagmos or scattering of significance produced through a creative process which obviates its own pre-objectified outcome, or equally concretely, in the process itself...