Kiss Of The Oceans
digital video, 4 mins, 2015
Hermione Spriggs and Kate Clark, Balboa Park, San Diego

A 1915 illustration of a personified Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, prettily kissing with the Panama Canal between them.
This drawing, promoting the 1915 California Panama Exposition in San Diego, celebrated the increasingly globalized and complex relationship between North America and Latin America with the creation of the Panama Canal. San Diego's 1915 Exposition featured a commercial strip of souvenir shops and restaurants called 'The Isthmus', and a fully-functioning miniature replica of the Panama Canal itself, which was likened to a swimming pool and appropriated for synchronized diving performances.

Created as a collaborative response to artist Ela Spaulding’s project Panamá Caribe for the 'Panama: INTEROCEANIC Fluid States' Performance festival
Museum of Contemporary Art, Panama City, 2015

Sketch for (Mis)synchronized swim suits, Pacific and Atlantic
watercolour on paper, Hermione Spriggs, 2014
making of