Hermione Spriggs is an artist and writer based in London. She holds an MFA from UC San Diego and an BSc in Anthropology from UCL.

Spriggs’ background in Anthropology and training in ethnographic film continues to influence her time-invested approach to site specific work. Her projects unpick our taken-for-granted framing of nature and culture, exploring alternatives and escapes from this binary relationship. She has made work in an off-the-grid survivalist community in the Colorado desert, collaborated with numerous Natural History institutions, inhabited the perspective of a Mongolian lasso, and undergone medical hypnosis to enhance her sense of smell.

Her written work has been published through peer-reviewed and creative platforms including 30:60:90 (Princeton University Press), The Fox (Werkplaats Typografie press), Form IV, and the Journal of Material Culture. Her UCIRA sponsored film project ‘The Thing Is All Around Itself’ (a ficto-historical journey explored through the perspective of a tent-shaped insect trap) has traveled to screen in film festivals and exhibition venues internationally. Spriggs is the recipient of several large grants including the University of California Institute for Research in the Arts major grant and is currently co-leading an Arts Council England-funded project in rural Iceland with Curtis Tamm, investigating "rheology" (the study of flow) in the context of the film archives of British geologist George Walker.

Whilst often engaging in collaboration with other artists and specialists external to the art world, her own research is dedicated to articulating and propagating a practice-based field known as The Anthropology of Other Animals (“AoOA”).